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Getting to Know Sasha Eagle, Manager of Texas Health Fitness Center Huguley

At Texas Health Huguley, our associates make the difference. That's why we look for skilled, professional personnel to help us fulfill our goal of providing extraordinary service. At the heart of Texas Health Huguley's success is its dedication to providing the finest healthcare while living out our mission of serving people like those we love the most.

We’d like to introduce you to Sasha Eagle, Manager of Texas Health Fitness Center Huguley.

Tell us about a day in the life when you’re at work.

A typical day for me starts around 5 am. Arriving early allows me the opportunity to anticipate the needs of our members, guests and associates for that day or for the week ahead. My main goal is to ensure that our members get what they need and that we are helping them to achieve their wellness goals.

What do you love most about your job?

Our commitment to community. We have been a staple in the community for 33 years, and if you have ever spent an hour with the staff at Texas Health Fitness Center Huguley you would understand why. Our team comes to work every day ready to help. Ready to motivate. I love that every associate takes pride in the investment we have in our members, our community and each other. It is not unheard of to have an associate know of a community need and ask the team for help. Often times our members will get involved with whatever food drive or school supply drive we are working on, helping to make sure our endeavor is successful.

Tell us about the ones you love the most. 

I love my home family, but I also love my work family. I have enjoyed the many years my family and I have been associated with Texas Health Huguley. My in-laws who previously lived in Granbury, were always insistent on being treated at Texas Health Huguley. They appreciated that Texas Health Huguley has always remained Christ-centered. Recently my father-in-law had been at a follow up appointment with Sheila Dwyer. She suspected something else was going on and quickly had us go down to the ER. In the ER, Warren was able to ease the fear of my father-in-law by making Eagle jokes (they were corny, but my father-in-law loved them).  Dr. Ku could identify that my father-in-law was hard of hearing, sat close to  him and spoke loudly and slow so that he understood the next steps in his care. Pastor Theo came by and asked if he could pray over him, which my father-in-law talked about for days. Once admitted, Ashley and her team quickly got him situated into his room. (He was uber impressed with the rooms by the way!) Wendy Gifford from cardio-pulmonary explained the test she was performing and what to expect throughout the exam. There were so many more that helped to ensure my father-in-law received the best care possible, especially behind the scenes. Thank you all for what you do everyday, whatever your role at Texas Health Huguley. I am honored to call you all my work family.