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Preparing for a Procedure/Treatment

Once you and your surgeon have determined the need for surgery, you will begin to make arrangements for your procedure. To help you understand its risks and benefits, please discuss any concerns you have with your physician prior to the day of your procedure. Your physician’s office will work directly with Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South’s operating room to schedule a time for surgery.

In order to ensure the best experience and optimal recovery, a substantial amount of information will be required when preparing for your procedure. Your nurse will need the following information (either during your pre-testing appointment or via a phone interview):

Your medical history including all other surgeries

  • Allergies to medicines
  • General health information
  • Recent illness including fever, colds, or rash
  • Current prescriptions and over the counter medications
  • The use of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs
  • Pregnancy status
  • Any chronic medical problems including diabetes, high blood pressure or sleep apnea.
  • Durable Power of Attorney (if applicable) 

Certain documentation is needed to help with your registration and pre-operative care. Gather these documents and information to take with you the day of your procedure or pre-testing appointment.

  • Completed advance medical directive
  • Insurance cards or forms
  • A list of regular medications including when, how much and the strength of each medication you take 

You may need tests performed before your surgery. Your primary care physician, your surgeon and/or your anesthesiologist may order pre-operative testing. These tests may be completed at Texas Health Huguley, during a pre-testing appointment. You will also be given information about your procedure, anesthesia, and pre-op instructions, including diet restrictions, what medication to take, and other pre-op instructions to follow. The nurse will also gather all necessary medical history, and medical information for your anesthesiologist to review.

To ensure your right of confidentiality we will not leave any information on a recorder that is not identified as being yours. Therefore, a phone number to contact you is essential.

All patients receiving an Outpatient Procedure are required to have a responsible driver or responsible care giver available (neither public bus drivers nor public cab drivers qualify) before a procedure can begin.